PF Mobility Joins Allvida to Enhance Mobility Solutions in Northern Europe

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21 Apr 2023

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Allvida is excited to announce its acquisition of PF Mobility, a prominent Danish company specialising in tricycles and wheelchair ramps. With a strong presence in the Nordic region and northern Europe, PF Mobility's products significantly contribute to improving mobility for individuals with special needs.

PF Mobility is renowned for its high-quality tricycles and wheelchair ramps, designed to offer individuals an improved quality of life and the freedom to participate in everyday activities. Their tricycles, available in both manual and motor-assisted versions, provide users with a sense of independence and adventure as they enjoy the open road. PF Mobility's wheelchair ramps, both stationary and portable, are tailored to suit the unique requirements of users and prioritise safety and quality.

The acquisition of PF Mobility is a strategic move that strengthens Allvida's Mobility vertical, primarily in Northern Europe. By integrating PF Mobility's expertise and products into its portfolio, Allvida enhances its ability to provide a wider range of accessibility solutions, enabling more individuals to enjoy greater mobility and independence.

“Allvida is committed to making the world more accessible and inclusive and we see this acquisition as a crucial step toward fulfilling its commitment. The addition of PF Mobility's products complements Allvida's existing offerings” says Sasha Hakami, Expansion & Investments Director Allvida.

As PF Mobility becomes part of Allvida, the synergy between the two companies is expected to drive innovation and expand accessibility solutions in the region.

About Allvida

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