Allvida's Listen Technologies and Ampetronic Unveil Innovative Auracast™ Product Through Collaborative Excellence

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1 Feb 2024

In a notable collaboration within the Allvida family, Ampetronic and Listen Technologies have utilized Auracast™, a leading Bluetooth technology, for their new assistive listening system, AURI. This has been achieved less than a year after both companies became part of the Allvida group. This partnership is a shining example of how by working together, we can achieve remarkable advancements that enrich lives across the globe.

AURI introduces a high-quality, multi-channel broadcast system, compatible with Auracast™, designed to accommodate both open and secure audio transmissions. This system is tailored for comprehensive venue coverage, offering specialized receivers for guests without compatible devices.

Reflecting on this milestone, Erik Sörenson, CEO Allvida noted, "The collaboration between Listen Technologies and Ampetronic for the AURI launch embodies the spirit of innovation and collaboration we cherish at Allvida. I am deeply grateful and impressed for the dedication and ingenuity of both teams, to introduce a product in under twelve months, demonstrating the powerful synergy within our group."

Adding to this, Maile Keone, CEO of Listen Technologies, and Julian Pieters, CEO of Ampetronic, shared, "."

(AURI represents the first joint venture, emphasizing our commitment to enhancing auditory experiences for all.)

(But also strengthens our collective mission to make a difference in the world.)