Allvida Appoints CEO

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25 Jul 2023

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Propelling Allvida Forward

Erik Sörensson's appointment as CEO marks a milestone on Allvida's journey. With his extensive background in M&A, Strategy, and Business Development, Erik is well-equipped to drive Allvida forward.

Mr. Sörensson says:

"I very much look forward to joining the Allvida team. Systematic Growth has united a group of independent and unique market leaders within accessibility under Allvida's roof, all with a clear vision to increase independence and quality of life for our end users. I am really excited about taking Allvida into its next phase, working alongside our existing entrepreneurs, and also welcoming new companies to the group."

Sasha Hakami, responsible for Allvida's Expansion & Investments, says

"I am very happy and excited to have Erik on board. He has the right professional tools and personal ethos to be at the helm for Allvida's continued journey."

About Allvida

Allvida partners with skilled entrepreneurs to provide essential accessibility solutions globally.

We acquire leading niche companies to build a full service partner in hearing, mobility, and vision solutions that are an essential part of enhancing the independence and quality of life for the end users.

Distinguished by unique offerings, strong brands, entrepreneurial leadership, and sustainable competitive advantages, each individual company drives Allvida forward.

Allvida was founded in 2020, by Systematic Growth, a Swedish firm devoted to building leading company groups. Systematic Growth's philosophy rests on: great partnerships; only acquiring entrepreneur-led companies with strong market positions, unique capabilities, and sustainable competitive advantages.


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