Allvida Acquires Ampetronic: a strong pillar of the Hearing vertical

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30 Nov 2020


Allvida has acquired Ampetronic Limited, a leading provider of assistive listening solutions, and a global leader in installed induction loop systems. Based in the United Kingdom, Ampetronic has driven innovation and standards for audio induction loops in the 36 years since its inception. Its solutions ensure that individuals with hearing loss can access high quality sound, with ease and dignity. The partnership with Ampetronic is the foundation for Allvida’s commitment to ensuring accessibility, establishing its first portfolio vertical “Hearing”. As one of the Allvida companies, Ampetronic will continue to invest in innovative products for hearing accessibility, and be one of a growing number of companies working together in the group. 

Julian Pieters, CEO of Ampetronic, highlights the importance of this partnership, saying:

"Joining the Allvida group is the start of a new and exciting journey, to build a global leader for accessibility solutions. Within the Allvida group of companies we will have so many new opportunities to collaborate, from innovation and technology, to gaining global market reach for our hearing solutions. I am especially impressed by Allvida’s commitment to innovate and to grow, to become a truly leading voice for accessibility everywhere.” 

Sasha Hakami, Allvida's Expansion & Investments Director, says:

"Ampetronic is regarded as the technology and market leader when it comes to induction loops and we are delighted to work alongside Julian and his team, and continue to deliver high quality solutions that benefit people with hearing loss."

About Allvida

Allvida partners with skilled entrepreneurs to provide essential accessibility solutions globally.

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Allvida was founded in 2020, by Systematic Growth, a Swedish firm devoted to building leading company groups. Systematic Growth's philosophy rests on: great partnerships; only acquiring entrepreneur-led companies with strong market positions, unique capabilities, and sustainable competitive advantages.


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